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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Overhead Door in Houston

Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Overhead Door in Houston

June 16, 2016

An overhead door is an investment. Because of this, consider these 5 points before you decide on which overhead door is the most appropriate one for your needs. There are some instances in which more than one type or style of overhead door in Houston will suit your needs. If that occurs, decide which one to have installed based on your priorities. For example, if ease of use is a top priority, but insulation is a lower one, you might be happier choosing the door that is easiest to use even if it doesn’t provide the best insulation.

 What is the Purpose of the Overhead Door?

When you ponder the purpose of your overhead door, consider what types of vehicles will drive through the doors or up to them. Will the doors need to provide full access to tractor-trailer rigs? Will you need to fit scissor lifts or other equipment through them? How much freight or cargo will be placed on these vehicles when they are crossing through the overhead door? All of these factors can impact the type of door you choose. If you are purchasing an overhead door for your home, consider what types of items will go through the door. Your vehicle might be the tallest object that you can think of that will go through the door, but you should also think about objects like ladders and yard equipment that might be stored behind the overhead door.

In What Industry Will the Door Be Used?

If your overhead door will be installed at a business, consider your industry. While this won’t necessarily make or break your decision, it can have an impact on which choices make the top of your list. Think about it this way — you wouldn’t want a thin overhead door protecting your valuable merchandise. Instead, you want a sturdy door that protects your items and that can be locked when you need extra security. If you have a self-storage company, you need overhead doors that are sturdy enough to endure the repeated use by people who aren’t trained in how to operate the doors. In this case, the doors also need to be able to support the locking system that is required for customers to keep their possessions safe and secure.

In What Conditions Will the Door Be Used?

The conditions that the overhead door will be exposed to have an impact on which options will be suitable for your needs. For example, if the overhead door is being used to divide a freezer space from another space, it will need to be insulated. If the overhead door is being used in a climate controlled area, such as a warehouse that is storing electronics, it will need at least some insulation. The door you choose should block the heat from the outside during the summer and prevent the warmer air from seeping outside during the winter. You should also consider the weather conditions and the frequency of use when you are trying to decide on what type of overhead door is appropriate. In some cases, more ornate doors might be suitable for homes but not for industrial settings.

How Much Ease of Use Do You Require?

You can choose from manual, automatic, or high-speed overhead doors. Deciding which one is appropriate for your needs depends on how the door will be used. If you open the door once or twice a day, a manual door might be appropriate. If the door will be opened frequently, you will likely need an automatic overhead door. If the door will be used a lot and in a time-sensitive manner, a high-speed door might be your best option. The way that the door is operated is also important. Think about who will use the door and how it needs to open. Is a handle appropriate for the manual door or do you need a chain to roll the door up? Is a remote control needed for an automatic door or do you need a push button or switch installed? Knowing the answers to these questions can simplify your decision.

How Important is the Appearance of Your Overhead Door?

When you think of the appearance of your overhead door, consider more than just the color of the door. You can choose from a full view door if you need to be able to keep an eye on what is happening on the other side of the door. This might be suitable in factory settings. The material of the door also matters when it comes to the appearance. You can choose from aluminum, wood, or steel for the overhead door. Once you choose the material, you can choose the finish. If you are going to have the door painted, make sure that you take the likelihood of items impacting the door into consideration. If your company is highly likely to have frequent impacts on the door, which would be common for self-storage areas or manufacturing facilities, you should make sure that the finish you choose for your door can withstand the impacts that are likely.

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