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Fold and Roll Commercial Garage Doors for a State of the Art Garage

Fold and Roll Commercial Garage Doors for a State of the Art Garage

February 12, 2014

Commercial garage doors come in hinged sections usually four, and roll up on special tracks. Garage doors come single or double widths with many heights to choose from. Commercial garage doors have heights of 12 feet or more to accommodate trucks or commercial grade vehicles. The difference between commercial and regular garage doors amounts to the quality of material and thickness of the fiberglass, metal sheets or wood panels. Options Garage doors can come as simple panels, but many add curb appeal with designs. Whether wood, fiberglass, or metal garage doors come light weight so manual lifting becomes possible. Fiberglass doors often let light filter in because of the translucent quality of the material. Commercial garage doors can come with insulation. Insulated doors often become installed in attached garages for energy efficiency reasons. The deciding factor in requiring insulation has been if the garage has heating. If the garage has heat then an insulated garage door should be installed. Special garage doors are needed for a tuck under garage set up with the house on top and the garage as part of the basement. Often limited overhead room exists. Low overhead hardware kits exist that lets a garage door lift with 2 inch top clearance between the door and the ceiling. Accessories Commercial garage door openers in Houston come as a grand feature to add to a garage set up. It makes entry into a house easy, makes it more secure and it increases safety since getting out of the vehicle happens once safely inside the garage with the doors closed. Most garage openers have a safety feature which involves a reverse. Garage doors stop when encountering something while tracking and then reverse to prevent damage to the door. Most remotes have an option for reversing the garage door as well. Many newer garage door openers come with an infrared unit that mounts on wall or the door. If the beam becomes broken the opener reverses and raises the door. If you have a state of the art commercial garage door, commercial garage door openers in Houston why not go all out and upgrade the inside of the garage with commercial level ceiling storage racks and cabinets. Installing such maximizes storage space, increases safety and adds value to your home. Garages have multiple functions depending on family needs. If so outfitted and the space not needed for vehicles can function as an extra room. Consider all the possibilities and options and make your home what you want it to be. A commercial garage door can add to the design and function of your home for many years to come.


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