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Garage Door Repair in Houston: Reasons to Leave it to the Professionals

Garage Door Repair in Houston: Reasons to Leave it to the Professionals

October 02, 2013

Garage door maintenance is not normally on the average homeowner’s to-do list. While a malfunctioning garage door may seem like a small or even inconsequential problem to some homeowners, a closer look reveals it to be much more than an inconvenience. The following will provide information as to why garage door repair in Houston should never be postponed, overlooked, or done as a DIY project. Added Insulation Residents of Houston know temperatures can stay near triple digits even after the sun goes down. These homeowners are faced with unforgiving heat and muggy humidity, which translates to high electric bills in the summer months. Over fifty percent of homes in Texas are older homes with insulation issues. If a home has an aging garage door, it might be time to consider garage door repair in Houston as a great deal of insulation can be lost through this area of the home. Increased Safety A garage door that does not work properly is not just a cosmetic or energy efficiency problem — it can be a dangerous thing. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission between December 1, 1996 and June 30, 2003, there were at least six incidents involving problems with garage door springs. These were also two cases involving improper installation of sensors. Leave Garage Door Repair to the Professionals A garage door can weigh over 400 pounds. Malfunctioning garage doors can lead to serious injuries. A garage door has springs and cables which have a set tension similar to a rubber band snapping. If a spring or cable is not handled carefully, the release of the tension can have dangerous consequences. Professionals will inspect and lubricate the springs and cables to keep them in working order. The law requires that a garage door that makes contact with an object or person is able to stop and return to the open position. A professional can make sure the sensors are working properly. Cost Professionals generally charge less than $200. In contrast, a mistake can be costly. A garage door that doesn’t work correctly can significantly impact your heating and cooling costs. Most consumers don’t realize the amount of air that leaks from a garage door that is not installed properly. A potential injury to a household member will also cost more – financially and emotionally — than professional maintenance. Experience Professionals in the industry are equipped to handle any situation and any repair needed. They are also equipped with the appropriate tools need to complete the project in a safe and efficient manner. Rather than attempt to complete this task alone, it is best to consult a professional in order to have your garage door repaired in the most effective manner possible. If it’s time to replace the garage door, it is in your best interest to have the project completed correctly the first time. This will serve to help your air conditioner work less in the summer and avoid serious issues that can result in larger problems in the future. Contact your local garage door repair company and find out how they can help you repair or replace your damaged or aging garage door.


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