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Garage Door Repair Often Requires Professional Help

Garage Door Repair Often Requires Professional Help

April 09, 2014

Garage door repair is nothing to delay or defer, and the need often comes up at the most inconvenient times. In fact, most building owners realize they need repair help when they’re in the process or arriving or leaving a structure and trying to operate the existing door system at the same time. The other most common situation usually occurs during bad weather season when temperature begins to affect a door system’s operation noticeably. Residential door systems often realize a tension spring snapping, and commercial door systems may frequently realize a chain or cable pull failure or the hydraulic pull/push mechanism has lost pressure. None of these issues are the kinds of repairs that one can just go to a nearby big box store and fix in a few minutes. Quality garage door repair frequently requires the help and work of a trained technician with the right parts and replacement components. Big issues are not easy to address such as simple maintenance tasks. Not using the right methods and tools can actually be extremely dangerous. Just installing tension springs can cause serious injury if the proper steps are not followed. First, garage doors are extremely heavy on their own weight. Owners often don’t feel or realize this weight because it’s being carried by the springs when installed. If a garage door is free to fall from an above open position, it can do so at an extremely fast rate of speed, causing serious injury. Second, the springs themselves have to be first installed securely, and then they have to be tensioned properly. Done wrong, springs can kick back also causing serious injury. Hydraulic systems and cable tensioners are even more complicated, requiring more steps and technical knowledge before attempting to work on them. Houston Garage Door Repair has been in the business of garage door repair, installations, replacement and renewals for years, with highly-trained technicians and access to some of the latest garage door technologies available and on the market today. There is no reason a building or home owner should settle for less in terms of repair service and product availability. So if your building or home is showing signs of needing an immediate garage door repair or serious attention soon, it’s a smart choice to hire trained technicians to do the work than attempting a self-repair job with retail hardware store parts. The value and long-lasting performance of many systems can be ensured with a professional technician’s work. It’s often the case that amateur repairs can actually make a final repair worse as well as more costly due to the technical nature of door opening systems.


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