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How Often Should You Grease a Garage Door?

How Often Should You Grease a Garage Door?

January 09, 2023

If you’re like most responsible homeowners, you make maintaining your property a top priority. In addition to mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters and power-washing the deck, it’s also important to service your garage door. 

A garage system consists of many moving parts and components. Chains, rollers, springs and other parts require lubrication to ensure proper performance and minimize the failure risk. A noisy garage door that makes squeaking sounds during opening or closing is often a sign that it’s time for service. 

What Type of Garage Door Lubricant Should You Use?

While you may hear the phrase “greasing a garage door,” this terminology is inaccurate. Applying grease will make rollers, springs and other components gummy and trap damaging dirt and debris. Liquid engine oil is a more effective garage door lubricant — just a drop or two is all you need to do the job. 

What Is the Appropriate Lubrication Time Frame?

Perform a visual inspection of your garage door at least every other month, though once a month is better, to determine if you need to lubricate the springs and other moving parts and components. You’ll only need to apply lubricant if the part appears dry. 

What Are the Benefits of Garage Door Lubrication?

Making lubrication part of your regular maintenance practices offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces noise: Your garage door will operate more quietly — you’ll only hear the “normal” sounds during opening and closing.
  • Minimizes friction: Regular lubrication helps prevent heat-generating friction that occurs when moving components grind against each other. The parts will last longer and require fewer repairs and replacements.
  • Ensures smoother operation: A properly lubricated door will open and close more efficiently, reducing the wear and tear on the moving parts.
  • Increases door longevity: Regular maintenance that includes timely lubrication will maximize your garage door’s life span and lower your long-term ownership costs. You’ll increase the time between expensive door replacements.

Halo Overhead Doors Knows How to Maintain Garage Doors

If you’re in the Houston area, the experts at Halo Overhead Doors are available to provide regular maintenance for your garage door. Our annual and semi-annual programs include parts lubrication to maximize your door’s performance and prevent mechanical issues. We’re a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company and we’ve been delivering high-quality service since 1991. 

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of garage door lubrication or to set up a convenient service appointment today.