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How to Make Your Garage Doors More Modern

How to Make Your Garage Doors More Modern

February 27, 2023

Would you like your Houston home to have a sleek, contemporary look? Typical modern designs consist of an aluminum frame with glass window panels, although other materials are also available.

Another identifying characteristic of modern garage doors is the absence of “flashy” design features like decorative trim or hardware. The smooth, clean lines and abundance of shimmering glass reduce the need for ornamentation. Below are some other ways you can “modernize” the look of your garage door.

4 Ways to Modernize Your Garage Door

When purchasing a new garage door or updating your old one, you can customize your options to fit your vision. Some suggestions for making your garage door more modern include:

1. Changing the Color of Your Garage Door

Changing your garage door’s color is easy. Enhancing your home’s appearance with a modern garage door relies on choosing the right shade. Most modern doors showcase subtle colors such as gray, brow, or black to blend in with the rest of the home. These colors will also give your home an elegant feel while complementing other decorative options. 

2. Decorative Handles and Hardware

Adding decorative handles and hardware to your garage door is a simple and affordable way to make it look new. Many decorative pieces are easy to install and can go wherever you choose to place them, allowing the hardware to accent your garage door’s most eye-catching features while accenting its color and style. 

3. Updating Window Panels 

One key to achieving that modern look is upgrading your window panels for more natural light. New garage doors achieve their modern look by adding more window panels with limited details, keeping the appearance simple but effective. With modern windows that keep passersby from seeing inside, you can enjoy all the benefits of a window with increased privacy. Beyond improving your home’s curb appeal, replacing your window panels offers renewed functionality and convenience. 

4. Adding Lights

Finalizing your modern garage door with new lights will enhance your garage door’s look, boosting curb appeal at all hours of the day. Adding lights to your garage door can help modernize your door by highlighting accents and providing a focal point while illuminating your driveway and reducing insects. 

Halo Overhead Doors Offers Beautiful Modern Garage Doors for Sale

If you choose to purchase a modern garage door, turn to the experienced garage door professionals at Halo Overhead Doors in Houston. As the only Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer® in Houston, we’re your exclusive source for the most attractive and durable garage door products. Our offerings include:

  • Glass Garage Doors: We carry AVANTE doors from Clopay that will bring a modern look to your home. This stylish aluminum and glass product line will deliver a clean, contemporary aesthetic to any residential property. 
  • Wooden Garage Doors: This visually appealing Clopay series features faux wood-look overlays that add a sophisticated design touch.
  • Steel Garage Doors: These beautiful, sturdy doors are available with or without grooves and a choice of 13 finish options to help you achieve the perfect look.

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If you are interested in a modern garage door replacement for your Houston home, Halo Overhead Doors can meet all your sales and installation needs. We’ll also be there to provide timely maintenance and repair services whenever you require them. Contact us to request an estimate today.