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The Importance of Maintaining Your Houston Garage Doors this Spring

The Importance of Maintaining Your Houston Garage Doors this Spring

May 21, 2013

Posted on May 21st, 2013 by Matt Davis]

Cold weather takes a toll on Houston garage doors by making all of the moving parts work especially hard. Preventive maintenance of the doors in the fall makes them work better in cold weather, and correcting problems as soon as winter is over is the next best step. When the springs are not properly lubricated, the wear on the bearings and the pulley wheels increases rapidly. The opener suffers from operating a door that is hard to lift, making routine maintenance an effective way to extend the life of both the door and the opener.

Signs of Trouble

Houston garage doors that do not open or close properly may have photo sensors that are out of alignment. Other problems can show up when the springs need an adjustment or a roller needs a replacement part. A sagging door is a signal to burglars who can identify it as a weak point of entry into a home. Repairs by a professional mechanic are required when any sign of malfunction occurs. Other typical problems include these:


  • damage to door panels
  • door fails to open completely
  • grating or squeaky sounds
  • door fails to close completely
  • broken springs
  • damaged hinges


What Can Go Wrong

A garage door is such a commonplace object in most homes that it may not get the attention that it deserves. In some homes, it the largest movable object in a house, and its weight and complex design make it worthy of regular maintenance. Easy access to garage doors encourages home owners to treat a repair as a do-it-yourself project. A lack of understanding of the working mechanisms can lead to serious injury for an inexperienced homeowner.


Torsion springs are wound tightly to make them open and close doors efficiently. A spring that loses tension needs professional attention, and it is not a job for a home owner. When a spring unwinds, it can deliver sufficient force to cause serious injuries or even death. Damaged springs are especially dangerous with metal parts that are unstable and unpredictable.

Heavy Doors

Weights of 300 pounds or more are not unusual for garage doors, and their shape makes them difficult to control when they are off the hinges. A door that is not supported by the restraints that were installed originally can slip and cause extensive damage to a person.


Repairs often require the use of a ladder to access a door’s opener or to remove components of the working mechanisms. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that a third of fatal accidents in construction projects result from falls. 

Reasons to Hire a Professional

Turning a garage door repair into a do-it-yourself project appeals to many home owners. Professional mechanics undergo extensive training to enable them to perform installations quickly and safely. By understanding which parts of a door support its weight, technicians identify components that are worn due to cold weather, excessive use or age. Repairing or replacing springs is a dangerous job that requires skill and experience, and these are two qualities that professional garage door technicians are equipped with.

Jobs that are done professionally are completed in a short time, allowing a garage door to close securely to protect a home. Attempts to save money by not hiring a professional are ill-founded. Professional repairs and replacements are available at reasonable prices, and home owners can avoid any consequences if an accident occurs during a do-it-yourself project.


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