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Glass Garage Doors for Indoor Use

Glass Garage Doors for Indoor Use

December 28, 2021

Nothing makes your home feel fresher than revamping your living space with new decor. When you’re looking for an attractive solution to add a modern design twist and open up your interior space, consider an indoor glass garage door. Contemporary glass garage doors are becoming a popular interior design solution to reimagine traditional household fixtures like hinged patio doors. With a new glass garage door inside your home, you can seamlessly merge your favorite aspects of indoor and outdoor living.

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Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

  • They provide natural light: Allowing the glow of sunlight to enter your garage can transform what feels like a dark and gloomy cave into a bright, warm living area you’ll want to start spending more time in.
  • They allow you to enjoy your surroundings: A glass door will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your land, while still providing you with the same protection as a solid door.
  • They’ll lower your electric bills: Because glass doors allow natural light to enter, they will also help you save on energy costs, as you will not have to use electricity to light up your garage during the daytime.
  • They increase the curb appeal and value of your home: Except for the roof, the garage door tends to be the most prominent feature on a home’s exterior, so having a new, modern door can significantly boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers, especially considering that glass garage doors are currently trendy.
  • They’re highly customizable: You can choose any color, style and finish you desire, which makes it easy to match the style of the door with the rest of your home.
  • They’re strong and durable: Although many may assume glass garage doors are fragile, they are reasonably strong due to their stable aluminum frame and reinforcing fin.
  • They’re low-maintenance: Another advantage of doors that use aluminum is that they don’t require any extra coatings, as is the case with most wooden doors. Aluminum will always persevere. You will not have to worry about rust, corrosion and other problems traditional garage door materials face.
  • They can still offer you privacy: Tthere are many types of glass available, such as frosted and tinted glass, that will maintain your privacy while still allowing light into your garage.
  • They can help prevent a tragedy: When backing out of your garage, you can see exactly who is in the driveway even before opening the garage.

Common Interior Uses

A glass garage door for your home interiors will make your space appear brighter, larger, welcoming and natural. By easily clicking on a remote control button, you can open up your living area, creating a seamless connection and transition between indoors and outdoors. An indoor glass garage door is great for:


You can enjoy wide-open views while cooking and working in the kitchen. A glass garage door is a great solution for creating a more open kitchen space while enjoying the natural scenery surrounding your home.

Dining Areas

Who doesn’t love amazing views while enjoying a meal with friends and family? Dining rooms are one of the most popular installation options for many homeowners to enjoy open, unforgettable views and have the opportunity to expand their dining space to the outside.

Living rooms

Replace your living room’s current doors with a glass garage door for a refreshing look in your home. This is a beautiful, modern solution for connecting indoor living spaces with terraces, outdoor dining and other outdoor areas.


Create an open space by adding a glass garage door between your indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. You can make a more continuous and spatial interior design allowing guests to move easily between areas.


Make use of your deck during the winter by adding garage doors to enclose the area, transforming it into a sunroom. Especially if you live somewhere with a lot of natural scenery, you can take advantage of this new indoor living space and appreciate nature year-round. 

Pool and Boathouses

Add to the accessibility and visibility of your pool house or boathouse with a glass garage door. Including glass garage doors in your pool house or boathouse design can help you move through the building better while still protecting its contents.

Other Spaces

Use a glass door for different rooms in your house to benefit from a more open feel. You can easily walk into the backyard from your office or have quick access to your master bathroom from the pool or hot tub.

Glass garage doors have many functions within the home beyond connecting rooms. You can also use glass garage doors to function as wall dividers between living areas. If you crave the appeal of an open design plan, then consider opening up your home with an indoor glass garage door and use these fixtures as dividing walls. You get the same privacy and sound control as a standard wall but with aesthetically pleasing views and natural lighting. 

Regardless of your home’s layout and the amenities you have, glass garage doors are a great way to connect indoor and outdoor spaces quickly and easily. If you eventually decide to sell your home, having a unique and functional feature like glass garage doors can help increase your home’s curb appeal.

Reimagine Your Interiors With a Glass Garage Door From Halo Overhead Doors

An indoor glass garage door offers nearly endless design potential for your home or business — you can enjoy luxurious living and scenic views at your leisure. At Halo Overhead Doors, we exclusively stock a beautiful selection of commercial and residential interior glass garage doors from Clopay, including the Avante collection with wide-open window panels and sturdy aluminum construction. 

Our team welcomes all local Houston home and business owners to our expansive showroom, where our team of design experts can help you select, design and install a new indoor glass garage door that suits your design needs, lifestyle expectations and budget.

Learn more about our glass garage doors by calling 713-224-3667 or contact us online today to request a free installation estimate.

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