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The ins and outs of overhead doors in Houston

The ins and outs of overhead doors in Houston

September 28, 2015

Garage doors have a huge impact on homes. They are the largest moving parts. They are the second front doors. They enhance security and energy efficiency for homes. Houston Overhead Door carries the highest quality garage doors and provides the best value for all garage door related services and products. We use only the most dependable parts. At Houston Overhead Door, we are always eager to inform and educate our customers. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service possible, including expert advice for safety and maintenance so that you may enjoy the comfort and appeal of your garage door for a lifetime. Advantages of Houston Overhead Door Garage Doors We provide customers with speed and product longevity.

  • Faster opening speed which increases productivity and hence the reduction in time of opening the door, reducing the loss of conditioned air.
  • Reliable, spring-less operation eliminating the need for counterbalance.
  • A variety of insulation, weather seal, and wind-load options are available to satisfy applications in a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • Universal components in a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • Field-installable accessories such as motion or radio control detectors to match a broad range of application requirements

Easy to operate. Easy to service. Houston Overhead Door gives you everything you need in a high-performance industrial door system including:

  • Advanced diagnostics for fast and easy troubleshooting
  • Advanced performance direct motor with variable frequency drive provides smooth operation

Performance and durability Building owners and operators appreciate Houston Overhead Door products for their speed, and our performance door system has operating controls located at eye level for ease of access control and maintenance. We also feature maximum functionality and performance with minimum requirements for maintenance. Available in 19 colors Choose from a selection of 19 colors to match the aesthetic and design of your projects. Houston Overhead Door products also have an attractive finish and easy-to-clean surfaces. TIPS FOR CHOOSING A GARAGE DOOR What to consider when selecting a door: Style Whether your home is contemporary or classic, Houston Overhead Door offers styles to deliver the best complement to your home’s architecture. For a distinctive, custom look, choose insulated doors from our elegant collections. Safety Our doors provide peace of mind with pitch-resistant panels that help protect your fingers. If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, our doors provide reliable protection against wind damage and offer exceptional craftsmanship, durability, and style. Comfort For people who live in climates with extreme hot or cold temperatures, we recommend the use of well-insulated, thermally-efficient doors to ensure comfort. Some of our collections also feature a steel-backing that lends a finished, clean look to your garage’s interior. GARAGE DOORS SAFETY TIPS Can the largest objects in your house be dangerous? Safety is a concern with any product, and garage doors are no different. Here at Houston Overhead Door, safety is among our top priorities. Since garage doors are large moving objects that many family members interact with, they should have as many safety features as possible.

  • Mount the door of your garage opener control buttons out of reach of young children (at least five feet from the floor) and where adults have a clear view of the garage door.
  • Children should not play with the remote controls of garages. Explanations should be made by parents, guardians or anybody with knowledge of the doors. Teach kids that garage doors are not toys.
  • Guardians, parents and other adults should set good examples for children and discuss safety tips of garages with them, explaining how to operate garage doors safely.
  • The garage doors opener’s reversing mechanisms should be tested on monthly basis by placing 2×4 boards or rolls of paper towels in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the objects, call Houston Overhead Door for professional repairs immediately.
  • Know how to use your garage door openers’ emergency release features. The owner’s manual provides instructions.
  • Visual inspection of  garage doors should be conducted  monthly. Check the pulleys, rollers, cables, and door springs for signs of wear. If any of the mechanism’s components appear damaged, contact us for inspection.
  • Do not attempt to repair cables, springs or anything to which they are attached.  These parts are under high tension and require special tools for adjustment. An attempt to repair, adjust or disconnect can cause serious injuries and damages to the door.
  • Test the force setting on your opener by holding the bottom of the door as it closes. Stand out of the path of the door while you test force settings. Your opener’s owner manual provides instructions for adjusting the force settings. Be sure to re-test the new settings after adjustment. If it does not reverse immediately, the force may be excessive and need adjustment.
  • For prevention of accidents when garage doors are closing,  invest in garage openers that feature photoelectric-eye safety beams, which are mounted a few inches off the floor and send invisible beams across the path of the door. If the invisible beams are broken, the garage doors will automatically reverse to their fully open position. The invisible beams provide added safety to the auto reverse mechanisms, as the doors do not have to contact objects to reverse.
  • When manually opening garage doors, their release mechanisms in the exterior and interior lift handles should be used. You should be able to lift the door with minimal resistance. Performing this task can be a difficult task when the door is out of balance. Call us for adjustment.
  • Do not cover or remove any warning stickers or labels and order new ones if they become unreadable.