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Invest In Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston To Prevent Burglaries

Invest In Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston To Prevent Burglaries

June 19, 2014

Commercial garage door openers in Houston can be another line of defense to prevent break-ins and robberies to a company’s inventory. Garage entrances toward the back of a building are less visible to patrol officers and often are not securely latched, allowing a burglar easy access to the building. When a person sees that a lock is broken on the door, or there is no lock visibly present, they are more inclined to take advantage of the situation as the company can suffer thousands of dollars in lost merchandise, equipment and company vehicles. The FBI reported that in 2010 there were a total 495,749 burglaries to non-residences such as stores, offices and other commercial buildings. Of the burglaries committed to these non-residences, over 204,000 were committed at night. The average value of things stolen from businesses was $2,070. While commercial garage doors are often made by sturdier materials, these doors also go through the most abuse. Delivery trucks back into the door to unload merchandise, fork lifts clip the doors when turning about and employees negligently hit the doors with company vehicles. Not only are the doors getting abused, but the commercial garage door openers in Houston businesses will start to malfunction leaving the garage less protected as well as other entrances leading from the garage into the building. Many commercial building owners get away from fixing their garage door opener by installing fake surveillance equipment to scare the would-be burglars into thinking the building is protected. Experienced burglars have come to recognize the cheap equipment versus the real ones as they will continue to break into the building. In addition, many burglaries are committed by employees and delivery people who know that the garage doors are broken and the surveillance equipment doesn’t work. They will slip items underneath the broken garage doors to pick up the items after work, or leave them for their cohorts in crime to retrieve. Delivery people may return later that night with an empty truck to clear out items after dark. Business owners need to ensure commercial garage door openers in Houston businesses are working properly to protect their inventory. Working garage door openers can deter many burglaries as the business owner will be the only person to have control of when the garage doors are open. This tactic can allow them to spot potential theft from the building by employees and delivery people — increasing due diligence practices of building inventory. Outside burglars will have a harder time trying to break into the garage as they will leave to go rob easier targets. So let Houston Overhead Door install or repair the commercial garage door opener. With a working garage door, a business owner won’t experience a loss in profits due to missing inventory or go through all the hassles of reporting the burglary to the insurance company.


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