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Invest In Storage Options To Avoid Garage Door Repair

Invest In Storage Options To Avoid Garage Door Repair

September 02, 2014

It is amazing the number of things that can damage your garage and force you to get garage door repair. Cars back up into the closed door or toys are tossed at the garage. Yet you may not have considered that the items you have stored inside the garage can damage the garage door. Garages are like large storage spaces that you don’t have to pay rent for to place your things inside. When the attic or basement is too packed with boxes, the next area to clutter is the garage. Unfortunately, the stack of boxes and containers placed inside can get monstrous to the point where you don’t even park the car inside because you have run out of room. It is then when you may experience problems with the garage doors.
How Your Possessions Can Cause Garage Door Issues
Stacked boxes and containers can shift, leaning against garage door parts and garage door openers. This constant force can damage the door as it will no longer open. Objects can also lean up against the garage door itself, bending out the doors from the track. Heavy objects can drop out boxes or shelves and bang into the surface of the garage door, also causing dents as you will need to contact a technician to perform Houston garage door repair. The possessions in your garage may also cause people to try to break in. When people see large amounts of stuff stored in the garage, they try to kick out a garage door panel so they can see inside. If they like what they see, they will squeeze inside through the panel and push things out to their friends who will run off with your possessions.
Avoid Garage Door Repair by Organizing Your Clutter
The best way to ensure your garage door will work is to clear up the clutter. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Place the stuff that you use most often in the house directly indoors. Keep stuff you use occasionally in the yard or in the garage in storage containers and shelves in the garage. There are tons of storage solutions available that can be found at retail stores and home improvement stores. Use wall shelves to hold toys and garden products. Use hooks to hang tools and bicycles up on the walls. Cabinetry works great to store craft items and things you use to perform maintenance on the car. Storage bins are another solution for seasonal items such as holiday decorations. You may have seen some smart garage door organizing ideas where you can hang containers from the roof of the garage as the containers slide onto racks. While this method frees up space in large garages, keep in mind that garage doors that slid back on tracks may hit the containers and will need garage door repair if damaged. So keep this in mind and install ceiling racks so they are not in the way of the garage door.


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