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The Modern Appeal of Glass and Aluminum Glass Commercial Overhead Doors

The Modern Appeal of Glass and Aluminum Glass Commercial Overhead Doors

February 26, 2012

[Posted on February 26th, 2013 by Matt Davis] When deciding which type of design and materials to use for new Commercial Overhead Doors. there are certainly lots of good choices. However, there is no design choice that is quite as stunning as the glass garage door. Glass has that contemporary look that is both beautiful and timeless. The most popular style made with both glass and aluminum framing. Manufacturers offer business owners a wide range of choices that allow for full customization to create a look and feel that fits perfectly with your home. In order to get an idea of what these doors look like after installation you can find eye-catching photos online. Ultra Sleek Contemporary Glass Panels One main attraction of the modern Commercial Overhead Doors is their glass panels. There are different types of glass that are commonly used to construct doors for a garage. Some popular choices are regular glass, acrylic and Plexiglas. It is best to find out about the strength and stability of each type of glass that a door manufacturer uses.  The best option for business owners is to select glass panels made to withstand damage. Acrylic and Plexiglas are going to hold up much better than plain glass. Your desire to have a stylish design should go hand-in-hand with making sure your garage is protected from intruders. Glass that can easily be shattered makes a garage too vulnerable. Consider that home insurance companies may provide incentives for using garage door materials that provide additional security. Number of Glass Panels Per Door After you have decided on the type of glass, the next decision is to figure out how many individual glass panels you want to have per door. Whether you have one door or more than one depends on the number of panels. For instance, a typical single garage door with a large glass surface area may have an average of eight glass panels. Larger doors can have up to sixteen glass panels. An alternative design is to use six glass panels on top and two aluminum panels on the bottom. There are also designs that use mostly aluminum for the door and the glass panels provide a design accent at the very top. Why Aluminum and Glass Are a Perfect Match Aluminum is one of the strongest materials a business owner can use to create their garage door. It is much more sturdier than wood and will last a lot longer. Maintenance for aluminum doors is also a breeze.   ??One thing that you want to do when deciding to install a custom glass garage door is to have the aluminum frame insulated. This gives your door a boost in durability. Frames that are insulated will also be thicker than regular designs. Let the Light Shine In A major reason why glass and aluminum garage doors are so impressive is that they make wonderful use of natural light. There is just something very modern about seeing the sun reflect off of those glass panels. These modern doors can offer a brief peek inside without allowing access. The amount of reflection and light also depends on the type of glass you choose. Clear glass offers the most light. Tinted or laminated glass provide style while obscuring the view inside. Glass and aluminum garage doors offer business owners the ultimate in contemporary design while elevating the value of the home.


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