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8 Modern Garage Door Trends

8 Modern Garage Door Trends

November 08, 2022

A modern garage door lends your home spectacular curb appeal, which boosts your house’s overall appearance and can increase your property value. You can choose from a range of materials, colors and accessories if you’re looking to upgrade your home exterior — the first step is to discover all your options.

Garage Door Style Ideas for a Contemporary Look

Explore these trendy ideas for a garage door that will give your home a modern pop without going out of style:

1. Glass Garage Doors

For a chic option that provides plenty of sunlight and lets you see the outside world, choose glass garage doors. Clopay® carries AVANTE® glass and aluminum garage doors if you desire a streamlined appearance. Insulated door panels let you enjoy full-view glass without worrying about your heating and air leaking out of your home.

2. Wooden or Faux Wood Garage Doors

Doors from the CLASSIC™ WOODRESERVE® WOOD and LIMITED EDITION series can be stained or painted to complement your exterior. Want a wood look without the maintenance? Invest in faux wood garage doors from the CANYON RIDGE® or GALLERY® series for a solution as high-quality as the real thing.

3. Carriage-House Doors

COACHMAN® garage doors offer a traditional carriage-house style with a modern twist. These swing-out doors look like wood but consist of durable steel layers for enhanced longevity.

4. Barn Doors

The barn door trend lets you achieve a rustic aesthetic with the sleek functionality of a modern garage door. Explore options from the AMARR® CLASSICA® line.

5. Plank-Style Garage Doors

Plank-style doors are one of many wood or faux wood design types you can choose for a home upgrade. Explore the CANYON RIDGE® MODERN line for various plank styles.

6. Aluminum Door

Aluminum models offer low maintenance for beautiful doors that provide a great return on investment. Pinnacle doors from Martin Door display a carriage-house style consisting of aluminum.

7. Windows and Other Hardware

Select windows, metal lift handles and other decorative hardware options to make your door uniquely yours. Obscure glass windows let in sunlight while preserving your privacy.

8. Colors

You’re no longer limited to the same traditional garage door colors — try daring hues like black, burgundy, forest green or blue. Our doors come in a range of colors to suit the modern homeowner.

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These timeless trends will upgrade your house with eye-catching designs perfect for your tastes. If you’re ready for an update, reach out to us to request a quote for a new garage door. You can also stop by our Houston showroom to get an up-close look at our many options.