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Do You Need High-Speed Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston?

Do You Need High-Speed Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston?

December 18, 2013

Does your company need high-speed commercial overhead doors in Houston for your loading dock or plant site? There are several benefits to these types of doors, but not every business needs high-speed doors. The following is a simple guide that will help you determine the type of commercial garage doors available and will help you decide if high-speed doors are right for your needs. Types of Commercial Garage Doors There are several types of commercial overhead garage doors in Houston, and each meets a specific business need. Sectional Doors Sectional doors help maintain thermal efficiency, so they are great for small businesses where employees may be working in garage bay areas and need only occasional outside access. Most of these doors are similar to garage doors in homes that operate without undue noise. However, they require significant headroom and are not suitable for high-speed or heavy industrial applications. Rolling Doors Rolling doors provide heavy-duty security and durability. They also fit in tight spaces, making them ideal for spots where traditional sectional doors will not work. Interlocking slats wind around a barrel, making them appropriate choices for counter shutters or security grilles. However, they do not fit the “high speed” category and are not appropriate for heavy industrial use. Fire Doors Fire doors are made to close when the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, or when triggered by a building’s alarm or smoke detector system. They are rated to prevent fire from spreading in the event of an emergency, giving employees time to get out of the building and helping to protect valuable equipment. While fire doors do not fall under the “high speed” category, they are used in areas where they are required by law due to the presence of large numbers of people, such as in theaters. Traffic Doors These doors feature a high-strength fabric rather than metal construction. The light, strong material used in these doors allows for them to achieve a high speed when traveling up or down. The Best High-Speed Doors Operate Smoothly If you believe high-speed commercial overhead doors are the best type for your business, there are specifications you should look for when selecting a door. The FasTrax® Series High Performance Doors are made to last and to meet all high-performance commercial garage door needs. Designed Around a Simple Platform Because FasTrax® doors are designed around a single operational mechanism they can be matched to almost any application. These doors can be fitted to interior, exterior, cooler or freezer applications, allowing businesses to use the same door model throughout the plant site. Designed with Versatile Tracks The track configurations can be fitted to almost any applications with fewer modifications. The flexibility of these tracks makes FasTrax® one of the most cost-effective choices in overhead, high-speed garage doors. FasTrax® has been rated the industry’s safest door due to its many safety features such as thru-beam photo eyes. FasTrax® has also been rated with the industry’s highest operating speeds. Doors can cycle up to 100 times per second, maximizing productivity for workers while keeping them safe and also saving on energy costs. For Houston businesses, high-speed overhead garage doors may be the best choice for security, safety and productivity.


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