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How To Protect Your Commercial Garage Doors

How To Protect Your Commercial Garage Doors

October 23, 2014

There are a lot of things that you can do to protect commercial garage doors. You want them to remain as strong as possible and by providing maintenance to them when they show distress and adding automation to provide convenience, you can improve the durability and keep them going for many years to come. When you have commercial overhead doors in Houston, adding an automatic door opener can help to protect the doors from losing their ability to open and close. If your employees have to open and close manually, there are likely going to be problems periodically. It can also cause wear and tear on the chains. If someone pulls too hard, it can also loosen various other hardware that holds the door open and secures the door in the closed position. Regular inspections of the commercial garage doors are also suggested. You don’t want to have your garage door break, whether it is open or closed. This can happen at a moment’s notice and when you least expect it because if a spring snaps, you are done for. There are plenty of warning signs to be on the lookout for so you know when the hardware is beginning to wear. You then have the ability to make replacements before they completely break so you don’t experience a broken garage door. It can be more affordable to deal with a basic repair than it can be to replace the entire garage door. At Houston Overhead Door, they specialize in commercial garage doors, which includes installation, repairs, and adding remote openers to them. This gives you a reliable company to call when an estimate and fast repair is needed. Your commercial doors are going to be put through a lot. They have to open and close multiple times throughout the day. To maintain security, the doors should be kept shut. This means that as soon as someone has arrived or left, the doors need to be shut again. Keeping them open may help to extend the life of the springs, but it is not helping the security of your business. Depending on the material of your garage doors, they may also be affected in different ways by the weather. Wood can weather and warp, metal can rust and become dented. Whatever material you have, there are pros and cons associated with it. It may be possible and necessary to replace the door with a better material so that you have the necessary level of protection. You have to look at protecting your commercial garage doors and this is done by performing routine service and maintenance and getting the repairs the moment the doors show signs of wear and tear. This will ensure you don’t experience a break when it is least expected, which could also turn out to be very expensive.


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