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Repairing Houston Garage Doors

Repairing Houston Garage Doors

August 06, 2014

When you first buy a home you gain not only your own place but a few new ownership responsibilities as well. With Houston garage doors they offer an attractive and useful feature to your home. They’re not only practical but also add style to a residence. However, like a good many things they occasionally need repair. That’s where we come in. We’re experts in garage door repair and can help when issues arise with your overhead door in Houston; we see plenty of different repair jobs and needs. A bit of research shows that there is more to garage doors then you may think at first. What follows is a brief description of some of the issues we see every day and help repair. 1. The Door Sticks This is an issue we see often and is easily repaired. While not critical it is annoying. A door that sticks can have several different root causes. This can range from a bad garage door opener to problems with the wheel track. The thing with Houston garage doors is that the heat can cause issues sometimes. This requires the track, springs, and lubrication be checked regularly. Any one of these being damaged can throw off the garage door’s timing. 2. The Door Opens And Closely Unevenly This is an unsightly issue. This one is rather easy to spot as well. If you see one side hanging lower than the other give us a call. The underlying issue with this particular problem often relates to the track, wheels, and springs. It could be something as simple as a cleaning or as complex as spring replacement. No matter the issue repair is entirely possible and easily done. 3. The Door Falls Down Suddenly This is more than annoying this is dangerous. We always advise homeowners to get problems like this fixed as soon as possible. A garage door that falls suddenly and too quickly can damage automobiles or injure people. When we come out for such a repair we look for the most common root causes. These can include a broken cable or a loose or broken spring and require immediate repair. 4. Garage Door Replacement Houston garage doors take a beating. A combination of heat, sun, daily use, and the occasional accident do add up. Over many years of ownership there comes a time when replacement of the entire garage door is required. We can help with that as well. We not only repair garage doors we also install them. We offer many different styles of garage doors made out of a wide variety of materials. Material choices include wood, aluminium, steel, and sturdy fiberglass. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for good looks or practicality we can help.


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