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Why Roll Up Doors Houston Might Be Right for Your Business

Why Roll Up Doors Houston Might Be Right for Your Business

July 10, 2013

Roll up doors in Houston are a type of door primarily used in industrial settings. A roll up door is constructed of narrow strips or panels of steel, aluminum or wood mounted in a track and attached to a lifting mechanism that raises and lowers the door. Roll up doors have many specialized uses, as well as several benefits over other types of large doors. Convenient Operation Modern roll up doors in Houston are easy and convenient for anyone to use. Manual roll up doors are operated using a pull chain or crank. Roll up doors can also be fitted with an automatic opener that operates at the touch of a button. The panels that make up the door are mounted in a track and lock together when the door is down. When the door is raised, it is lifted along the track, and the articulated design of the panels allows the door to bend around a large rod or cylinder. When raised, the door may be designed to remain open automatically or may be anchored in place using the lifting chain or crank. Since roll up doors retract onto a rod instead of remaining full length along the ceiling, overhead space inside the building is not obstructed. Roll up doors may be left open for extended periods of time but are convenient enough to be opened and closed multiple times a day as needed to allow traffic to pass in and out of a building. Strong and Secure Roll up doors can be secured with a lock and wired into the security system of a building to control ingress and egress. Roll up doors are also resilient in adverse weather conditions. Hurricane season in Houston lasts from June through November, during which the city may be struck by a tropical storm or hurricane at any time. Wind gusts over 100 miles per hour can occur even in a relatively minor storm, causing serious damage to standard doors. After a hurricane or tropical storm, it may be several days before authorities allow residents and business owners to return to the area. If a business is in an area heavily damaged by a hurricane or tropical storm, and the business’s doors are damaged or destroyed during the storm, the property inside may be further damaged by rain or even lost to the thieves and looters that always seem to accompany large natural disasters. Sturdy construction and interlocking panels mean that steel and aluminum roll up doors are resistant to damage from extreme conditions caused by tropical weather. Great for Any Size Door Roll up doors can be customized to fit any size door opening, from a standard three-foot entryway to hangar doors large enough to admit an airplane. Houston is a major transportation hub for the entire southern United States and is home to many businesses involved in shipping, transportation and warehousing. Large doors are a necessity for any business that ships or receives goods transported by tractor trailers or other large trucks. A large opening fitted with a roll up door allows a full-size truck to back right up to a loading dock or even into a building so that cargo can be unloaded in any weather. Roll up doors offer a combination of convenience and security to almost any business. Contact a local Houston-area installer today to find out how your business can benefit from using roll up doors at your office, production hub, warehouse or shipping facility.


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