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Save Space with Roll Up Doors Houston

Save Space with Roll Up Doors Houston

April 23, 2013

[Posted on April 23rd 2013 by Matt Davis]

The use of a roll up or roller-style garage door offers many benefits over standard garage doors. Roll up garage doors have hinged horizontal sections that fold around a drum when the door is open. This drum is positioned above the door and takes up less real estate on the ceiling. The use of a roll up doors in Houston is a great way to maximize space inside and outside your garage. Review a few reasons why roller-style doors are a good choice for your garage.


Space savings is the biggest advantage for using roll up doors in Houston garages, rather than standard garage doors. Roll up garage doors have a low profile because they lack a chain mechanism. The lack of an overhang on a roller-style garage door means that a counter-balancing mechanism is not needed. You can install a new roll up door that is fully automated with a longer life-expectancy over other types of garage doors. Your new door will require minimal maintenance for continued operation because of the minimum amount of stress placed on the motor. A remote control means a homeowner will not need to leave the vehicle to open the door.


A roller-style garage door is typically constructed from galvanized steel that is plastic coated. The door opens by rotating around a tubular drum directly above the door opening. Opened doors will be kept in a compact area that allows for the maximum amount of space in your garage.

A seal sits between the bottom of the garage door and the ground. The door will also have aluminum lath that is double-skinned. This allows for a fully insulated door that has a steel spring used for balance. Roll up garage doors are available in a variety of sizes to fit any garage door opening.


You can choose a space-saving roll up garage door that opens manually or is automated. One benefit of a manual roll up door is the lack of a motor. This means that more room is available on the ceiling in a garage. Automated doors need to use an available electrical outlet or be hard wired and will operate with a remote control or use a wall-mounted control panel. The remote control unit for the door works when an external sensor is connected to the motorized drum.


The exterior of a roller-style garage door comes in a range of styles and colors. The door will also have a superior locking mechanism. Various locking points can be added to resist an impact and forced entry into your garage. This allows you to have a door that is both secure and attractive. If you are looking to increase the value and enhance its appearance, then a roll up garage door is a great choice.

Additional Information

Installing a roll up or roller-style garage door allows you to add various lighting to your garage. If your garage has limited lighting because of a standard garage door, then you will benefit with a roll up garage door. This allows you to add additional light fixtures in the ceiling. You can add a roll up garage door to an attached garage or an outbuilding. A garage that is currently a workshop can gain more ceiling space by replacing a standard garage door with a roll up door.


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