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Before Selling Your Home, Get Garage Door Repair In Houston

Before Selling Your Home, Get Garage Door Repair In Houston

March 26, 2014

You may consider garage door repair in Houston the moment something goes wrong and you can’t park your car. Yet if you plan on selling your home, you want to get the most value from the property while not investing too much of your money that you won’t recoup. So little repairs such as a malfunctioning garage door may go untouched while you are fixing the major problems or performing the large renovations to get people interested in buying your home. Garage doors can boost the curb appeal of your home that will draw buyers to the front door. The first thing a person will see is the garage door and the outside of the home. If the garage door is halfway open because it is malfunctioning, the buyer will consider the cost they will have to fork over to fix it. Then they will begin to wonder what other problems are inside the home that they will have to repair on top of what they will pay in addition to the sales price of the home. The buyer will either walk away, or place a lower bid and justify the amount based on what they have to repair — including hiring someone to perform Houston garage door repair. As the home seller, think about the return of investment (ROI) you will receive at the sale of the home for a working garage door that looks beautiful. You could get from 71% to 83% payback for installing a new garage door that functions properly. You don’t even have to replace the door. Spruce it up with some new paint and upgrade to a new motor as your investment will pay off. So consider getting garage door repair in Houston before selling off your home. Yet never assume it is a simple DIY project. Garage doors have numerous working parts that can be damaged if you start tinkering around with things. You could end up damaging the garage door even worse than it was before and have to pay high repair costs. Instead, have a qualified garage door service such as Houston Overhead Garage Doors perform an inspection. We will be able to determine the reason why the garage door is no longer working. Here at Houston Overhead Garage Doors, we will explain the exact problem with you and give details on what we will do to fix your door. We won’t start the work until you agree to the repairs as our qualified technicians will have your garage door working like new. So don’t simple believe that the new homeowners will fix the garage door. Make more money at the sale of the property by hiring Houston Overhead Garage Doors to perform garage door repair in Houston. Get the sales price you want for your property as the new homeowners will be grateful to have a working garage door when they move in.


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