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Standard Models and New Openers in Garage Door Houston

Standard Models and New Openers in Garage Door Houston

December 11, 2012

Written by: Matt Davis

When you think of a garage door opener, you may think of the ceiling-mounted garage door opening device that is generally accessed with a hand-held remote control. However, if you are in the market to update your garage door in Houston with a new opener, you may be interested to learn that there are now multiple types of garage doors available to choose from. With a closer look at the many options available to you, you may discover that one model is more suitable for your needs and preferences than the others. Standard Models of Garage Door Openers Standard garage door Houston openers boast a ceiling-mounted design, but there are several standard models to choose from. For example, a chain-driven unit is perhaps the most affordable option available. It uses a chain system to raise and lower the garage door on command. These models may be affordable, but they are also known for vibrating and being noisy. Because of this, they are generally not suitable for homes where a bedroom is located directly over the garage. A variation to this is the belt-driven model. These work in the same way that a chain-driven model does, but it uses a reinforced belt rather than a chain. While these are quieter than chain-driven models, and just as reliable, they also are more expensive. A screw-driven opener uses a threaded steel rod rather than a chain or a belt. These models are faster than other options, but they are also noisy and rather sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Direct-Drive and Jackshaft Openers An alternative type of opener that can be installed with your garage door in Houston is a jackshaft opener. Rather than mounting to the ceiling, this model mounts to the wall beside the garage door. It uses a motorized pulley system to raise and lower the door. It is generally the most expensive type of opener on the market, but it is quieter is and ideal for those who want to use the ceiling in their garage for overhead storage. Similar to the jackshaft openers, the direct-drive openers are the quietest models on the market, and most come with a lifetime warranty. These use only a motor, rather than a motorized pulley system, to raise and lower the door. DC-Powered Openers A final option to consider for your garage door in Houston is the DC motor opener. These are ceiling-mounted openers that boast a smaller size and quieter operation. They also boast a back-up battery design and a soft start and stop technology. Some models, such as a brushless DC-powered opener, may have a lifetime warranty. Things To Consider When Purchasing a Garage Door Opener Many Houston consumers who are in the market to buy a new opener for their garage door will initially shop by price alone, and some may consider the power of the engine. However, other factors should also be considered when making a buying decision. For example, the vibration, noise and speed of the unit should be reviewed thoroughly. You should also consider if you need to use your garage ceiling for overhead storage space, or if there is space available for a ceiling-mounted opener. Furthermore, some models will only come with a hand-held remote control. Others may also have an exterior keypad entry design or even access through a mobile phone application, and these additional features may promote ease of use as well as the security of your home. By focusing on the factors that matter most to you, you can most easily find the ideal garage door opener for your home.