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Ten Ways Commercial Garage Doors Add Value to Your Business

Ten Ways Commercial Garage Doors Add Value to Your Business

May 12, 2015

The garage door industry is big business. Garage door installation is a $5 billion dollar industry that employs about 65,000 people.  These are people who live and breathe garage doors every workday. Odds are, you are not one of them. You probably give your residential garage door little thought. You press a button, the door lifts and you pull your car in or out and press the button again. You may even give the commercial garage doors at your business even less thought. That does not mean you should take them for granted, however. The best value commercial garage doors add value to your business in a variety of ways. They are worth giving some thought because quality doors can add value to your business in multiple ways. Here are ten of them.

  1. They Provide Security. Commercial garage doors may be the last line of defense for your inventory, supplies, equipment and other valuables. Business owners make certain that entrance doors are locked and secured. They may not give near as much thought to the role garage doors play at their business. These large doors need to protect a significant opening from access to people who may want what is inside. Secure, quality, commercial garage doors provide additional security; and that adds value.
  2. Commercial Garage Doors Protect Contents from the Weather. Commercial garage doors are challenged to keep a very large opening or openings, secure from a variety of elements. They battle high winds, rain, even potential tornadoes. In some areas, they need to defend against blowing snow and ice. Commercial garage doors can also protect building contents from damage due to extreme temperatures. A thin, old or corroding commercial garage door will obviously not perform near as well as a modern door with weather seals.
  3. Doors Can Add to your Image. If your commercial garage doors are visible to the public, they will affect the perception of your business. Stylish commercial doors can actually add value by improving your image. Modern commercial garage doors are available in a wide assortment of style, colors, patterns, textures and materials. They can help give your business a contemporary look, or carriage style doors can provide a historic appearance. Unfortunately, if doors are dented, worn, splitting or rusted, they will also affect your image, but in a negative way. Don’t underestimate the value a clean look of stylish quality garage doors can add to your business.
  4. They Provide Easy Access and can Save Time. You’ve heard it before: In business, time is money. If your crew is struggling with old, difficult to operate garage doors from decades ago, discover how new doors that easily glide open and closed can add value. There are even higher speed motors available to help move the process along. Many business owners don’t give this much thought because they generally don’t deal with commercial doors on a daily basis themselves.
  5. They Can Save Energy. Today’s garage doors offer a level of insulation not previously seen. This adds value particularly in workspaces that are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. An insulated commercial garage door can save considerably on energy costs for your business. It will also create a more comfortable and potentially productive work environment.
  6. Quality Commercial Garage Doors Increase Property Values. Just like they add to your professional image, attractive, professionally installed garage doors absolutely add to the value of a commercial property. Also, just like your image, heavily worn doors will diminish your property’s value. The cost of quality commercial overhead garage doors and their maintenance are an integral part of maintaining a commercial property.
  7. They Can Improve Interior Acoustics. The right commercial garage door can improve acoustics, creating a better work environment. Insulated doors, in particular, provide a buffer for sound, which can reduce that warehouse-echo.
  8. They Can Use Natural Light to Brighten Your Work Areas. Depending on your business, you may choose to use full view commercial garage doors that provide a brighter, more airy atmosphere. Full view garage doors are both worker and customer friendly and are used quite often in auto repair shops. They keep out the elements and provide security while allowing daylight in. They are also attractive and will add value to your business. There are also commercial garage doors that maintain security while providing a way to look outside and allowing some light inside.
  9. They Can Be Customized. Many companies don’t realize the value customized garage doors can add to their business. Roll-up commercial garage doors, for example, can be made to look like wood to provide less of an industrial look. Commercial garage doors can be customized by color, materials, size, windows and many more elements. Customized doors can add value in a variety of ways.
  10. They Provide Peace of Mind. You have enough to worry about when running your business. There are employee issues, sales and inventory issues, and your facility. When you have safe, secure, commercial garage doors that offer greater security, save energy and add value to your business, it is just one less thing to concern yourself with. This is important especially when you are away from your facility.

It may be time to rethink the value of your commercial garage door in Houston. Are you paying enough attention to it? As we’ve seen, commercial garage doors may do more than you realize. They provide security, protection from the weather, and can improve your image. They can save time, save energy, and they can make work areas more acoustically comfortable. Commercial garage doors can bring the sunshine in and be customized to exactly what you need. Perhaps most of all, they can provide peace of mind. It is time to think about your commercial garage doors and what they do for you.