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The Latest in Garage Door Trends. Does Any of It Matter?

The Latest in Garage Door Trends. Does Any of It Matter?

July 23, 2021

Sometimes, keeping up with the “trends” is simply a waste of time. Trendy clothes, hair, and makeup designs change with the seasons, leaving trend-followers routinely dropping cash on the new and the flashy. When it comes to garage doors, however, there’s something else going on.

Should you bother keeping up with the trends? Do any of them even matter?

Simply Cosmetic?

Naturally, there will always be cosmetic trends when it comes to garage doors. Some of the latest cosmetic trends include:

  • using trellises to create “flower frames” 
  • creating a two-tone color effect with drastic paint shades
  • including extra or larger windows to encourage a specific amount of natural light
  • enhancing natural architectural beauty by installing well lights to light up your door at night

But not every garage door trend is merely cosmetic. Some of the latest developments point much more toward improvement and efficiency.

Better All the Time

The latest trends in garage doors prove that the industry is getting better all the time. For example, newer and more well-insulated doors are helping to increase energy efficiency. 

Many garage doors now incorporate materials with good insulative properties. As a result, you need less energy to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. 

New trends also include increased security measures and convenience via smart (Wi-Fi-linked) doors. 

What Really Matters

When it comes to keeping up with the latest in garage doors, cosmetic trends should be a secondary concern to trends revolving around energy efficiency, convenience, and increased security measures. 

More important than all the latest trends will be how your door operates. Eye-catching designs and eco-friendly materials aside–the best garage door is one that functions when and how it should. Contact Halo Overhead Doors to learn more about your options for a new or replacement garage door or garage door opener.