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How to Choose The Right Commercial Garage Door in Houston

How to Choose The Right Commercial Garage Door in Houston

December 20, 2021

Commercial garage doors are vital tools for various industries, from warehouses to garages to retail stores. The needs of businesses will vary, so you must choose an appropriate garage door to meet those needs in the most efficient way possible. With an array of options available, finding your ideal fit can prove to be difficult, but the experts at Halo Overhead Doors will strive to assist you.

As you explore your options, you will want to consider various factors, like door type, materials, insulation, usage and security, before committing to a specific model. Carefully considering every element and determining what to prioritize for your business and its needs will help increase the likelihood that your door will be secure and functional.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors 

Choosing a commercial overhead door will take time and careful consideration. You need to identify where you plan to place your overhead door, and then you’ll have to select the right specifications that match the environment and circumstances. Each type of overhead door offers specific benefits and services to improve its energy efficiency and functionality, letting you get the most from your investment. 

You have several options to explore to determine the model that will best fit your business needs, including: 

  • Sectional: This type offers cost-efficiency and flexibility, making sectional doors an excellent option for businesses. They are supremely durable, and they come equipped with features that maximize thermal efficiency. Depending on your area, you will need a significant amount of headroom or backroom to install them.
  • Rolling SteelIf you operate in a tight space with little headroom or backroom, rolling steel doors utilize interlocking slats that coil around a suspended barrel for space conservation. These options are durable and highly secure.
  • High-Speed: For businesses requiring doors that can frequently cycle while holding up against the strain, we offer high-speed models that can raise and lower as fast as 54 inches per second.
  • Security Grilles: Security grilles provide a visual presentation of your business while preventing theft during closed hours. You can show off your facility while ensuring strong security. 

Many factors go into choosing the right type of overhead door for your company. Think about aspects like door function, door purpose and building limitations to determine how to best integrate your overhead door into your business. 


In addition to choosing the type of garage door, you can also select from several materials. Each material has a unique look, allowing you to choose something that adds to your business’s overall aesthetic. However, when selecting a material, you should also consider functionality and usage. 

If you use your door each day, you may want to choose something more durable, like steel. Other materials like aluminum can work for doors requiring less safety and protection from dents and damages. You can even explore glass overhead door selections to create an open and inviting atmosphere in your business. 


Your overhead door helps protect your business from outdoor conditions to keep your products and customers safe. Like other forms of insulation, insulated overhead garage doors can create an energy-efficient environment that keeps air conditioning and heat inside while keeping the winter cold and summer heat out. 

Additionally, investing in an insulated overhead door can safeguard your facility from other weather conditions, like rain, wind, snow, ice and more. Insulation can add to your door’s life span, providing you with a solution that’s durable and meant to last. 


When choosing an overhead door for your company, you should consider the demands of your business by measuring the amount of traffic you experience. You might require a door that only needs to cycle a few times a day, like a security gate for a lot at the mall. Conversely, the garage doors of a warehouse or body shop might open a dozen times in just a few hours. 

Since each door type has unique demand capacities, determining how frequently you will use your door will help you choose the best model for your business. By recording the frequency of your cycles, you’ll know if you need to have an automated or manual garage door opener. 

With more usage comes more garage door maintenance, so if you plan to use your door often, you will want to choose a durable model with a long life span. Making the right choice ensures convenience and can also increase your business’ efficiency and revenue.

Security Features 

Any commercial garage door you select should provide uncompromising security and safety for your business, and that’s what you’ll receive when you choose Halo Overhead Door products.

You can customize your doors with sturdy locks and choose from various features, including inside or outside placement and manual or powered options. Beyond that, your door’s opener can integrate state-of-the-art security features through automatically engaging deadlocks, scrambling opening codes to prevent inadvertent cycles and closing after a pre-programmed amount of minutes.

With a high-quality door you can customize to fit your security needs, you can adequately prepare for any situation that comes your way.

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When determining how to choose a roll-up door for your business, you’ll have to consider several factors to ensure you find the right model to meet your needs. By exploring all your options, you can create a door that will best serve your business for years to come.

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