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Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Overhead Door

Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Overhead Door

September 12, 2018

Commercial garage doors are vital tools for a range of different industries, from warehouses to garages to retail stores. The needs of businesses will vary — including your own — so you must choose an appropriate garage door to meet those needs in the most efficient way possible. With an array of options available, finding your ideal fit can prove to be difficult, but the experts at Halo Overhead Doors will strive to assist you.

Here are a few tips and other information to consider during your search so you can increase the likelihood that your door will be secure and functional.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

Choosing a commercial overhead door is far from cut and dry. You need to identify the area that needs the door, and then you’ll have to select the right specifications that match the environment and circumstances. Your options include:

  • Sectional: If you’re hunting for cost-efficiency and flexibility, sectional doors are an excellent option. They are supremely durable, and they come equipped with features that maximize thermal efficiency. Depending on your area, you will need a significant amount of headroom or backroom to install them.
  • Rolling Steel: If you operate in a tight space with little headroom or backroom, rolling steel doors utilize interlocking slats that coil around a suspended barrel for space conservation. These options are durable and highly secure.
  • High-Speed: If you require doors that can frequently cycle while holding up against the strain, we offer high-speed models that can raise and lower as fast as 54 inches per second.

Those are just a few potential options, as we carry many other types.

How Much Traffic Do You Experience?

You need to be aware of the demands of your business, and that’s especially true when it comes to measuring the amount of traffic you experience.

You might require a door that only needs to cycle a few times a day, like a security gate for a lot at the mall. Conversely, the doors of a body shop or warehouse might open a dozen times in just a few hours.

By recording the frequency of your cycles, you’ll know if you need to have an automated or manual garage door opener. Making the right choice not only ensures convenience, but it can also increase your business’ efficiency and revenue.

Security Features

Any commercial garage door you select should provide uncompromising security and safety for your business, and that’s what you’ll receive when you choose Clopay products.

You can customize your doors with sturdy locks — located inside or outside — that can be manual or powered. Beyond that, your door’s opener can integrate state-of-the-art security features, too, as they can automatically engage deadlocks, scramble opening codes to prevent inadvertent cycles and close after a preprogrammed amount of minutes.

You will be adequately prepared for any situation that comes your way.

Contact Halo Overhead Door With Questions About Commercial Garage Doors

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