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Top 3 Signs that Your Garage Doors in Houston are in Need of Repair

Top 3 Signs that Your Garage Doors in Houston are in Need of Repair

December 16, 2014

Houston, we have a problem.  If your problem is that you have a garage door that is older than Sputnik, then you need to call our experts at Houston Overhead Doors to inspect and service your garage doors in Houston.  Ensuring that your garage door is operating properly is not just a matter of convenience; it is a matter of safety as well. As such, if your garage door is showing signs of wear and tear that suggest an immediate system failure, you need to get a pair of professional eyes on your garage door for an assessment and any needed repairs.  If you are wondering whether it is time to make the call for garage door service in Houston, you should conduct a brief inspection of your garage door for warning signs of damage. Recognize the Three Warning Signs of Garage Door Failures According to the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International (DASMA), the recommendation is that you take the time for monthly inspections of your system to ensure its reliability.  If you notice any of the following issues, you should contact a professional to assess the situation, and make any necessary repairs. 1)Sagging Garage Door Sections—checking the balance of your garage door necessitates disconnecting your automatic door opener, and manually operating the door until it is resting midway between opened and closed.  Once there, the door should remain balanced rather than creeping upwards or downwards.  Failure to do so is suggestive that you may have a malfunctioning torsion spring.  It is highly recommended that you seek out professional help in making repairs. 2)Door is off Tracks—the tracks that run along either side of the garage door are crucial to its safe operation.  If you note in your inspection that the door is off the tracks that can be a sign of a door that is not in the best of shape due to either age or damage. 3)Noisy Door—a noisy garage door might be screeching for a variety of reasons ranging from damaged components like hinges, springs, and rollers to serious system failures that could result in grave injury or property damage.  With repeated usage, garage door parts begin to break down and are only slated to last five or six years.  Keeping your eye on these parts, and calling a professional at the first sign of damage, can save you lots of headaches and hassles in the end. You should have your garage doors in Houston inspected and repaired by a professional if you suspect dangerous conditions, and in the greater Houston area, Houston Overhead Doors is the go-to company that Houstonites trust for quality garage door service and repair. Call the Garage Door Experts at Houston Overhead Doors With a quarter-century of experience in the Houston area, Houston Overhead Doors is the trusted company that Houstonites depend on for servicing their garage doors in Houston.  Since opening our doors in 1990, we have consistently put our customer’s need first, thus earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  If you suspect that your garage door is in danger of malfunctioning, you need to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment to have our professional team come out and asses and fix the problem.


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