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Top 5 Questions About Garage Door Service in Houston

Top 5 Questions About Garage Door Service in Houston

February 10, 2015

Garage door service in Houston is always available to you. For most homeowners, the garage door is not something they think about even for just a few minutes. Rather, they only have to think twice when they cannot seem to open or close the door. While getting a regular tune up and repairs on an annual basis is a good idea, you’ll also want to call out a technician when you are facing repair needs. Here are a few questions you may need answers to. Why does the garage door go up, but will not go down with the wall switch? One of the most common times to get garage door service in Houston is when you have trouble getting the door to open or close. If your problem is it will not close without holding down the wall switch, the problem is often related to the sensors on your garage door. This safety feature is in place to minimize the risk of someone getting hurt, but if they are not aligned, they can be difficult to deal with. Call a professional for alignment help, states Why doesn’t the remote work to open and close the door but the wall switch does? This is often a common problem associated with the door opener. Generally, the remote may not be programmed properly or may need a new battery. This can be an easy fix if you have the coding steps and information. If not, be sure to turn to a professional. Why aren’t the panels on the garage door aligned? Alignment of the panels can be a big problem. With many Houston garage doors, this problem occurs because of a problem with the belts or the track system. Don’t try to force it. Let a professional handle the repairs instead. Why does the garage door stick when it is closing or opening? Sticking can be due to a variety of factors. Generally, this occurs when the metal rollers or the hinges are not lubricated the right way, says You’ll also want to make sure the tracks are not dirty or damaged in any way. Clean them out and try to align them. If that does not work, you may want to allow a professional to check out your garage door. Forcing the process can often make it worse and that can lead to even more complications and risks for you. There is no doubt that you will need garage door service in Houston from time to time. These working systems often need repairs because they are working hard for you each day. It is essential to call a trusted, experienced professional to handle the repairs for you, though. This safeguards your investment and ensures long lasting improvements to your garage door.


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