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Top Reasons Why We Should Install Your Commercial Garage Door Openers in Houston

Top Reasons Why We Should Install Your Commercial Garage Door Openers in Houston

January 13, 2015

At Houston Overhead Garage Doors, we specialize in installing and maintaining commercial garage door openers in Houston. We offer only the highest quality products and by back them with our superb workmanship. We believe that our customers form the foundation of our business and treat each of them with honesty, integrity and respect. During each one of our interactions with our customers, we strive to deliver above and beyond what it expected. 1. We are a Home Depot Preferred Installer As a Home Depot Preferred Installer, there are certain criteria that we must meet in order to even be considered for this honor. For example, each of our owners, employees and subcontractors must undergo a background check that Houston Overhead Garage Doors pays for itself. In addition, Home Depot requires that we have all the applicable licenses as required by the city of Houston and Harris County in order to be able to install commercial garage door openers in Houston. We are also required to have all the applicable insurances including workman’s compensation, automobile and general liability to ensure that the community is protected. 2. All of Our Work is up to Code At Houston Overhead Garage Doors, we take pride in each garage door opener we install. This means that we follows all of the most current codes that are required by the municipalities that we serve. Before we begin any work when it comes to installing commercial garage doors and commercial garage door openers in Houston, we obtain any necessary permits. 3. We Work With You To Find the Solutions You Need Commercial garage doors come in an array of different styles and colors to suit your needs. While there might be restrictions based on a number of factors such as the existing building structure, fire codes and your budget, there are still a number of variations that make it easy to find the garage doors to meet the needs of your business and your customers. Rolling steel service doors, for example, are designed with safety reversing systems and are available in a number of colors in addition to the typical tan, white and black. Since 1991, Houston Overhead Garage Doors has provided both superior service and the highest quality garage doors to hundreds of commercial and residential customers. By utilizing our expertise, enthusiasm and service-oriented nature, we are the area’s premier choice for both installation and maintenance. There is no job too large or too small since they receive the same attention to detail as well as expert service and advice from us.


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