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Understanding the Basics of Garage Doors with Overhead Door in Houston

Understanding the Basics of Garage Doors with Overhead Door in Houston

May 07, 2014

When customers are interested in learning more about garage doors, they know they can turn to Overhead Door in Houston to help them find the perfect product for their home. The garage door is a crucial part of the home. It offers security to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to the home, which would endanger the residents, children, pets, and possessions. The door is also important for protecting anything stored within the home from the elements and weather that might cause damage. When it comes time for maintenance, repair, or to buy a new door, therefore, it is a good idea to understands the basics behind the door to promote communication with the contractor and to make sure that the personal needs are met. Types of doors At Overhead Door in Houston, we stay on top of the latest trends regarding garage door materials. As we often tell customers, there are now a variety of different types of materials available for garage doors. Customers can select wood, but they will have to consider the potential threat of weather or pests. It is best to look for doors that come with warranties. Steel doors are also becoming increasingly popular. They are lightweight, strong, secure, and well insulated, offering protection to everyone within. On the other hand, these doors do have to be well maintained to prevent damage such as rust. Finally, plastic doors are becoming very common as well. They are also strong and secure and lightweight, but without the threat of rust. They are also typically treated to prevent fading in the sun. Plastic doors also commonly come with warranties for twenty years or more, which is an excellent assurance for new buyers. How the doors work Customers looking for garage door repair should try to understand how the door works in the first place. This will help them pinpoint the problem and communicate effectively with the experienced repair professional. For example, many homeowners are surprised to learn that a torsion spring is actually responsible for most of the work of lifting the door itself rather than a motor. There are also three main types of garage door drive mechanics. – Chains, the oldest form of the technology, tend to be loud and are comprised of a chain that resembles a bicycle chain. – The next option would be a belt. The belt is rotated through a gear to pull on the trolley. This option is the quietest but also the most expensive. – The third option is a screw. Although this option requires regular lubrication and can wear out faster than other options, it is quieter than a chain but less expensive than a belt. Customers who are interested in repairing or replacing their garage door should visit Overhead Door in Houston to learn more about the options available and to see what might work for their individual needs. The company would be happy to answer any questions.


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