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Wood Garage Doors are an Ideal Addition to Any Houston Home

Wood Garage Doors are an Ideal Addition to Any Houston Home

July 03, 2013

A homeowner has several choices when it comes to selecting garage door material. Steel, aluminum and fiberglass are all popular, but none compare with the warmth of wood. Wood garage doors in Houston add a touch of class to any home. There are many factors that make wood an excellent choice for garage doors for a new home or to replace the garage doors on an existing home. Classic Appearance Other materials can be made to imitate the look of wood, but real wood doors are a step above metal and fiberglass doors. Garage doors are among the first parts of a home that visitors see. The appearance of the entire home can be enhanced by using warm, natural wood for the garage doors. Wood garage doors in Houston complement the classic architecture of an older home or of a high-end newer home. For an older home or new home made to look like an old home, wood garage doors can contribute to the overall architectural correctness of the structure by avoiding the mixing of traditional and modern materials. Impact Resistance Garage doors take a beating from children at play, falling limbs and parking mishaps. Even a minor impact from a bicycle tire, baseball or vehicle bumper can put an unsightly ding in a metal door. Solid wood doors are more resistant to minor damage than other types of garage doors. Wood doors will not protect a home from catastrophic damage but are less likely to be dented than steel or aluminum doors and won’t crack or splinter like fiberglass. Energy Efficiency The energy efficiency of exterior doors is important to any home. The natural insulating properties of a material are measured by a quantity known as the “R-value.” When used alone, wood has a higher R-value than either steel or aluminum. Although these other materials can achieve higher R-values if insulation is added, insulation can settle, become compacted and lose its energy saving properties over time, while properly treated and cured wood does not. Custom Construction For an older home constructed before garage door sizes became standardized or for a uniquely sized or shaped door opening, wood may be the best choice. Unlike other types of doors that are only available in standard shapes and sizes, a wood door can be manufactured to fit any sized garage door opening, Wood doors can also be made to blend with the unique architecture of a custom home or to fit the particular tastes of a homeowner. Environmentally Responsible Wood garage doors are an environmentally friendly choice for several reasons. Trees are a renewable resource. Wood products are harvested from the surface of the earth and do not require mining that can damage the environment. Wood also requires much less processing than steel or aluminum to make it into a useful product. The reclamation process for wood products at the end of their useful life is also less labor and energy intensive than the reclamation and recycling processes required for other materials. Wood garage doors are available in many sizes and styles. They can be designed to open horizontally like traditional garage doors or to roll overhead to save space like modern roll-up doors. Wood garage doors can add style and beauty to any Houston area home, so contact a local installer today to find out more about wood garage doors for your home.


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