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5 Reasons to Hire a Houston Garage Door Repair Professional

5 Reasons to Hire a Houston Garage Door Repair Professional

April 24, 2016

Garage doors are useful components to have in many businesses. These large doors make it possible to receive large deliveries. They also make it possible to secure vehicles indoors when they aren’t in use at night or after hours. When these garage doors are fully functional, you won’t think twice about them being there or using them, but if something happens and the garage door stops functioning properly, getting the problem fixed will be a top priority. You might be tempted to try to fix the issue on your own; however, you should first consider these five reasons and hire a Houston garage door repair professional to get the repair done.

Warranty Concerns and Compliance 

Depending on when the garage door was installed, it might still be under warranty. In order to keep the warranty valid, you shouldn’t try to repair any components on your own. Almost all warranties have a clause in them that would void the warranty if certain components are accessed by an individual. There isn’t a way that you can get around this type of clause in the warranty, so it is best to not and skirt around the issue. Hiring a garage door repair professional ensures that all the components of the garage door will be repaired in a manner that keeps the warranty valid. You will have a receipt as proof that the work was done by a qualified professional.

Knowledge of Door Components and Function

Garage door repair professionals have specialized training that helps them troubleshoot problems with these doors. As they go through their troubleshooting method, they can determine the possible problems. This requires the components, its individual purpose, and the way it works. By going through this troubleshooting process, the repair professional can usually determine the issue and decide how to address it in short order. Many who attempt a do-it-yourself repair don’t have the knowledge so the troubleshooting process ends up being more like a guessing game. This takes more time and can lead to you replacing components that don’t need to be changed. This means that you could spend more money than necessary for repairs.

Garage Door Repairman Ease of Obtaining Parts and Proper Tools

A big part of a proper garage door repair job is having the correct tools and parts. Instead of trying to use makeshift tools or having to find and wait on proper components to come in, you can simply hire a garage door repair professional who will have the proper tools. In many cases, the professional will have access to the components that are needed to repair the door. This is especially true if the components that need to be replaced are some of the more commonly replaced components like springs, sensors, tracks, and cables. Even if the components needed to fix the garage door must be ordered, the repair professional might have resources available that help them to get the component in as quickly as possible. This minimizes the amount of time that you are without a fully functional garage door for your business.

Insurance Considerations

It might be surprising to learn that a garage door repair can affect your insurance coverage. If the repairs aren’t done by a qualified professional, your insurance might not approve claims that result from the garage door or its components malfunctioning. For example, if the overhead control mechanism falls because it wasn’t properly bolted to the ceiling or track, your insurance company might not cover the damages that are caused by the falling component. Another example would be if an electrical component catches on fire because it wasn’t properly installed. This could mean that your business burns down, but the insurance might not cover it if the repair that caused the fire was a do-it-yourself job. While you are thinking about that, you should also think about ensuring the repairs that are done are in compliance with the Electrical Codes that apply to work being done in Houston. Even if you are outside of the city, Texas Electrical Codes compliance is also a factor. When electrical projects aren’t completed in compliance with this code, you can run afoul of the law.

Focus on Your Business

Finally, hiring a Houston garage door repair professional frees up your time so you can focus on running your business. The last thing that you need is for your business to suffer because you are trying to deal with troubleshooting and monitoring the repair of the malfunctioning garage door. This ensures that employees, contractors, and others who have access to the garage door remain safe while the repair is being done since the repair person will know how to secure the garage door during the repair process. That means that you have less of a chance of having to deal with an on-the-job injury because your employees got hurt while trying to do the job of a garage door repair professional.


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