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6 Industries That Can Benefit From Roll-Up Doors in Houston

6 Industries That Can Benefit From Roll-Up Doors in Houston

May 26, 2016

Roll-up doors provide benefits for several different industries. These doors are durable, have a host of finish options, and offer security for the items kept behind them. While it is easy to think that these doors can only meet industrial needs, that isn’t the case. Various businesses can benefit from having roll-up doors in Houston.

1. Self-Storage businesses

The self-storage industry is a very competitive industry. Besides price, one of the top factors for people choosing a self-storage company is convenience. There are several points to consider when thinking about convenience: location, hours of operation, and ease of access. When it comes to ease of access, roll-up doors provide a stark advantage over hinged doors. Roll-up doors don’t take up space in the walkway, which leaves ample space open for people storing items to maneuver. Since the doors roll-up, people moving in don’t have to compensate for the hinged door’s impact on clearance. Another bonus to using roll-up doors for self-storage areas is that these doors are easily secured. You can use locks that ensure only authorized parties have access to the items that are being stored. Once the locks are in place, the door won’t be able to be rolled up.

2. Warehouses and factories

Roll-up doors are an obvious choice for warehouses and factories because once the doors are rolled, it is easy to move freight in and out of the building. If your company uses forklifts and other heavy equipment to move items around in the warehouse or even outside of the warehouse, roll up doors make it easier for employees to move these pieces of machinery around. Roll-up doors are also very helpful for loading docks. If you have sunken ramps to accommodate tractor-trailers, the roll-up doors are easy to open once the truck backs up to the door. This provides you with security as the merchandise is loaded or unloaded since you don’t have to leave clearance for a hinged door to open and close. Instead, the trucker can back the trailer up until it is as close as possible to the door.

3. Retail stores

Receiving merchandise for retail stores is done in a host of ways. Your store might receive shipments through ground shippers or freight shippers. If you have a roll-up door at your store, you can easily receive all shipments without having to figure out how to get them in the building.

4. Medical centers

Medical centers have unique equipment that won’t likely fit through a standard door. There are two ways to address this issue: large hinged doors or roll up doors. Roll up doors have an advantage because the equipment purchased is less likely to get scratched, bumped, or damaged as you bring it into the facility. Another advantage to roll up doors is the easy way they get medical waste, trash, and other disposables out of the building. If your medical center plans on using a mobile shredding company, the company could likely pull the shredding truck up to the roll-up door and take care of the documents there. That minimizes the distance the documents must be moved, which decreases the chance they will end up in the wrong hands.

5. Restaurants

The cost of getting a restaurant up and running is staggering. When you purchase tables and furniture, which can easily average up to $40,000, you want them in the restaurant in perfect condition. The same is true for expensive or sensitive kitchen equipment. A roll-up door gives the delivery team ample space to work so you don’t have to worry about damage. A roll-up door can also help you with food and supply deliveries. When you are preparing to open the restaurant, you will spend around $80,000 on the initial delivery of supplies like dishes, utensils, and bar equipment. That is on top of the $8,000 you will likely spend for the initial delivery of food and beverage items. The roll-up door allows deliveries to occur as quickly as possible without having to try to maneuver through a normal hinged door.

6. Farms

Many farmers use hinged barn doors to keep equipment safe. Roll up doors take away the need to ensure proper clearance that is required for hinged barn doors. Additionally, roll-up doors enable you to maximize the space you have for storing your equipment and supplies.

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